Madison, September 24: Rally Against Nazis In Madison. Hands Off the People’s International Brigades Monument

Madison IWW General Defense Committee Local 100

614 E Gorham, Madison, 12-2 P.M.

On Wednesday September 20th, it was discovered that the monument to the international brigades at James Madison park, installed to honor those who fought against Franco and his fascist squads in the Spanish Civil War, was desecrated by hateful symbols of mass genocide. The swastika graffiti was put up only a hundred feet from the Gates of Heaven synagogue – one of the oldest synagogues in the US. on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, which is a major holiday.

Stand up and let these Nazis know that the few monuments that the left has in this country will not be attacked without a response. Let them know that we will not back down as our fellow community members are terrorized next to their places of worship and solace.

International Marxist Tendency Madison
Madison General Defense Committee of the IWW
Worker’s World Party Wisconsin
Wisconsin Debate
Socialist Party Of Madison and Dane County
Madison Degenderettes
Madison Socialist Alternative, Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

Spanish memorial Madison September 20 2017

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