Madison, October 7: Concert Fundraiser For Community Defense & Free The 350 Bailfund

Hosted by Madison IWW General Defense Committee Local 100

953 Jenifer Street, Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center, Madison

Come out to support Madison’s local General Defense
Committee (GDC), organizing community self-defense
efforts in our neighborhoods.

We are throwing a party to raise awareness and interest in our commitments to make our community stronger through direct action. We will also hold a FLEA MARKET/YARD SALE outside at 7AM!

The violent and disgusting tragedy in Charlottesville is one of a series of attacks by white supremacists, the first of which to be taken seriously by the political establishment or the media. The presence of people espousing hate is an attack on all loving communities, and can no longer be ignored. As modern policing originates from slave patrols, it is no surprise police find it impossible to defend the community in the face of white supremacist terror. The scared losers they end up defending are emboldened by their apathy and the outright support they get from the so-called justice system. In face of a system of patriarchal white supremacist capitalism we must build systems in our own communities that make us stronger. We must build communities that have the capacity for self-determination.

The donations from the party will go towards building the capacity of the GDC to provide free childcare for community events and self-defense training for community members. Half of the donations will be going to the newly created Free the 350 Bail Fund, which aims to directly undermine modern day slavery disguised as the so-called justice system.

Music, food, yard sale and childcare will be provided.


DJ Arditi del Popolo –
spinning and mixing
for your listening

DJ Speedsick –
Noise and techno toned up

The Profit (aka John Denver) –
Hip-hop MC
The Profit, Nowhere

CONTEMPORARY HIP HOP AND R&B MC 90’s Nostalgia in his smooth, fresh voice
Dequadray “Marathon”

Childcare will be provided in a separate kid’s space in the downstairs family room by the GDC’s childcare working group.

An Injury To One Is An Injury To All

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