Milwaukee, October 9: Dolores | Milwaukee Film Festival (3/3)

Hosted by Centro Hispano Milwaukee

2230 N Farwell, Milwaukee, Landmark Oriental Theatre, 12:30 – 2:20 P.M.

(USA / 2017 / 95 min / Director: Peter Bratt / English)


This film is sponsored by Johnson Controls.


Dolores Huerta is the most important activist in American history that you may have never heard of. An equal partner alongside Cesar Chavez in organizing the first farm workers unions (eventually becoming the UFW), Huerta fought ceaselessly to protect the rights of jornaleros, mujeres, and all whom those in power would seek to exploit. Even at the age of 87, she remains the stridently feminist, uncompromising firebrand. Combining archival footage with unprecedented intimate access, Dolores finally gives this titan of American activism the tribute she so richly deserves.

Dolores Huerta es la activista más importante de la historia de Estados Unidos de la que nunca has oído hablar. Pareja junto a César Chávez en la organización de los primeros sindicatos de trabajadores agrícolas (eventualmente convirtiéndose en el UFW), Huerta luchó incesantemente para proteger los derechos de jornaleros, mujeres y todos aquellos a quienes tienen poder, trataran de explotar. Incluso a la edad de 87 años, sigue siendo feminista, intransigente radical. Combinando imágenes de archivo con acceso íntimo sin precedentes, Dolores finalmente le da a este titán de activismo estadounidense el tributo que tanto merece.

This film is part of the Cine Sin Fronteras MKE program of the 9th annual Milwaukee Film Festival. View the full lineup here:

How To Buy Tickets!
Open Sept. 13 (Milwaukee Film Members)
Open Sept. 14 (General Public)
A 25-cent per ticket surcharge applies to all online orders. Same-day tickets not available online.


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