LABOR-COMMUNITY CALL TO ACTION: Oppose White Supremacy, Support Dropping All Charges On Durham Arrestees & repeal of GS 100-2.1 / Join the National Call-In Day on November 14, 2017

PDF OF UE LOCAL 150 “CALL TO ACTION” LEAFLET: Labor Durham Call-In Day 11-14-17


United Electrical Workers Local 150 (North Carolina Public Service Workers Union)

National Call-In Day on November 14 as the Durham 15 stand trial!

Call Durham County District Attorney ROGER ECHOLS at: (919) 808-3010

Call NC State Senate President Phil Berger at: (919) 733-5708

  1. Urge the state Legislature to repeal the 2015 law GS § 100-2.1 that prohibits local governments from removing Confederate statues and other vestiges of white supremacy.
  2. Drop all criminal charges for the 15 anti-racist activists arrested for the events in Durham related to the toppling of the Confederate statue.


UE150, NC Public Service Workers Union calls on the labor movement to stand in solidarity with the growing people’s movement that is challenging the racist rooted system that allows public monuments to white supremacist ideals and values in the form of Confederate statues to stand. On August 14, some residents took down the supremacist Confederate soldier statue in front of the Durham Courthouse. While everyone may not agree with this tactic, the state laws prevented the ability of people to address concerns to take down statues to their local governments. This occurred just two days after Nazi’s and KKK rallied in a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA to defend Confederate statues and killed an anti-racist protester, Heather Heyer.

The Durham action was another powerful expression of people’s anger and disgust with how the system uses its power to remind Black, Brown and oppressed people of their “place” and ongoing oppression and exploitation. Some feel they should take matters into their own hands when governments attempt to stop progressive social change. In 2015, the Republican-dominated NC State Legislature passed a bill that took away authority from local city and county governments to remove Confederate statues from their property, GS § 100-2.1. This is the same state Legislature that the US Supreme Court ruled gerrymandered voting districts based on race with “laser-like precision”. The state Legislature also passed similar legislation – HB2 — that eliminated local governments’ power to protect trans-gendered people from hate crimes, or enact protections for workers from abusive employers, like raising the minimum wage and improving working conditions for contractors.


NC Public Service Workers Union, UE local 150
For information about how to support this resolution, call 919-876-7187


Durham, North Carolina September 12, 2017 / Photo: WI BOPM

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