NYC, November 4, 2017: Meaning of the Russian Revolution for Revolutionaries Today

Hosted by Workers World Party

147 W 24th Street, NYC Solidarity Center, 4-6:30 P.M. 


100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution:
Its meaning for revoluntionaries today

Many of the young activists and militants fighting to make Black Lives Matter, or defend immigrants and Muslims, or shut down white supremacists from Charlottesville to Durham to the White House, were yet to be born when the Soviet Union ended. The capitalists then proclaimed the “end of history” and declared capitalism the winner. The uprisings against white supremacy and capitalism today are a clear sign that history is just beginning and the future belongs to Revolution.

Join us on Nov. 4 where we will consider the critical lessons that the Russian Revolution holds for revolutionaries today.

Larry Holmes, First Secretary of Workers World Party
and Deirdre Griswold, Editor of Workers World newspaper

After the meeting, join us for dinner and a Red Celebration

Info: 212.627.2994

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