Call-In to Drop Charges on Durham Arrestees & Repeal Racist Law November 13-14, 2017

Hosted by Defend Durham

Join The NC Public Service Worker’s Union UE Local 150 November 13th for a national call-in to Durham County DA Roger Echols and NC Senate President Phil Berger to DEMAND they drop charges against the Durham 12!

All across the U.S., city leaders are removing these archaic and painful symbols of white supremacy and oppression. Boston, Baltimore, New Orleans, Memphis, Lexington, even Washington D.C. have removed confederate statues from public areas. NC law GS 100-2 prevents local governments from removing confederate statues and should be REPEALED!

Add your call to the strong chorus of labor union voices calling the DA to drop chargest against the Durham 12 and repeal GS 100-2!
Flood the phone lines with us Nov. 13th before the Durham 12 return to court.

Call Durham County DA Roger Echols at 919-808-3010
Call NC State Senate President Phil Berger at 919-733-5708

1. Urge the state legislature to repeal the 2015 law GS 100-2 that prohibits local governments from removing Confederate Statues and other vestigates of white supremacy
2. Drop all charges for the Durham 12 anti-racist activists for the events in Durham related to the toppling of the Confederate statue.

Upcoming Court Dates:
Nov 14, Nov 16, and Dec 5 at the Durham County Courthouse 8:30-10 am!

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