Viewpoint: Leadership Change Underway in Zimbabwe After Resignation of President Robert Mugabe

Read this report by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire, on the recent rapidly developing political situation in the Southern African state of Zimbabwe. President Robert Mugabe, who has been in power for 37 years, resigned on November 21, 2017 resulting from an apparent factional dispute within the ruling ZANU-PF Party. Azikiwe reviews some of the issues involved in the crisis and the posture of western imperialist states which have for nearly two decades sought the overthrow of the president and his national liberation movement turned political party. This article was published by News Ghana. According to its website: “News Ghana is Ghana’s leading online news publication for business executives in West Africa and around the continent. We carry news analysis, documentary & business news and sports news worldwide to a larger audience and also focus on developmental issues on Africa, Investment in Africa’s Infrastructure, Health & Education, Roads & Railways, Energy, Transport, etc. News Ghana is updated with increasing depth and frequency. Today, the site is updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. News Ghana will stimulate and expand the national conversation, reporting the news as it breaks, while providing a platform where readers and contributors may have an imprint on public policy, influence public opinion and ultimately, contribute towards bringing the change that we desire in our country, Ghana.”


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