Madison, November 30: Justice for Jason Pero-Stop State Violence Against Native People

Hosted by Madison Nlg

17 West Main Street, Madison, WI Department Of Justice Building, 4:30 P.M. 

14 year old Jason Pero was shot and killed by an Ashland County Deputy in front of his home in Odanah Wisconsin on the Bad River reservation November 8. Neighbors and relatives challenge the official story put out by the Wisconsin Dept. of Justice and their videos contradict the officer’s claim that he was in danger from a middle school kid with a knife. The Bad River tribe has demanded a federal investigation. Come bring lights, drums and songs to remember this young singer, drummer and keeper of his Anishinabe peoples’ traditions. Demand justice for him and protection for indigenous people across the world as we close out Native American Heritage month in the U.S.A. Our heritage should no longer excuse violence against our indigenous relatives. We will begin at Wisconsin DOJ’s office on West Main Street and proceed to the US Attorney’s office on West Washington Avenue.

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