Boston School Bus Drivers, USW Local 8751: Power to EDUCAMOS and the all the courageous Puerto Rican Workers! Cancel The Debt! Reparations NOW! End The Jones Act!

USW Local 8751 Puerto Rico Solidarity EDUCAMOS v2 11 28 17

Boston School Bus Drivers’ Union, USW 8751 / District 4
25 Colgate Rd. • Roslindale, MA 02131
Telephone (617) 524-7073 Fax (617) 524-1691

EDUCAMOS – un sindicato de verdad November 28, 2017

President Eva Ayala

P.O. Box 642

Comerío, Puerto Rico 00782

RE: USW Local 8751 says, “Solidarity Forever with EDUCAMOS!”

Dear President Eva Ayala,

It is with outrage and inspiration that we in Boston have followed EDUCAMOS’s daily struggles over

these past two months to fight school closings and privatization, defend the peoples’ rights to fully-funded education in the face of the devastating hurricanes and austerity attacks of PROMESA, Secretaries of Education DeVos and Keleher and the colonial U.S. government, now lead by the arch-racist Donald Trump.

We applaud your mighty efforts – teachers and school workers alongside students and their families –

in the face of severe government and bankers’ demands to cut the budgets. We see your demonstrations and writings, our sisters and brothers, and the obstruction from all of the military and police who have been sent from U.S. cities in a futile attempt to stop the Puerto Rican peoples’ just struggle to recover, rebuild and live free of colonial oppression.

In Boston – colonial home of Puerto Rico’s district court, the Boston Group (hired guns for school

privatization), the Blackstone Group (funders of the hotel and casino gentrification devastation in your island) and Baupost Group (whose vulture extortionist Seth Klarman “owns” $911 million of Puerto Rico’s “debt” to Wall Street) – our union is marching and providing a sound-truck to the Raíces Borikén Collective’s December 17th rally and march, “Decolonize Puerto Rico”. While thousands of families have been forced out of Puerto Rico in recent months – many of whose children are now riding our school buses in Boston – we will continue to fight with you in the hopes that our combined efforts will soon end this criminal plot of forced migration of your people from your land and your nation.

While we realize that it is a small drop in the bucket relative to your needs, our members voted unanimously to send you the enclosed check for $2,000 as a symbol of our great respect for and solidarity with your work.

Cancel the Debt, Now! $Trillions in Reparations for Puerto Rico, Now! End the Jones Act, Now!

Power to EDUCAMOS and the all the courageous Puerto Rican Workers!

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