Madison, December 7: Picket UW Regents – Transparency and No Layoffs in UW Merger

Hosted by UW Campus Worker Coalition

770 W Dayton Street, Madison, 11 A.M. 

Join us to picket UW Regents to protest their unilateral decision on the UW Merger Plan. Campus unions, students, and supporters will be participating in this picket. Wear your union T-shirt, and bring a sign. We are assembling before the general session of the UW Regents at Gordon Commons, 2nd Floor, outside the Symphony Room.

Our message to Regents and President Cross: We are not happy.

A lump of coal to all the Regents and President Cross. With the holiday season upon us we can’t help but observe who has been naughty this season. We are keeping a list, and planning for next year.

We urge the Regents and President Cross:

1. Create a transparent merger plan. Open up the process of how the merger will proceed. Go through all the proper procedures to get input from faculty, staff, students and the broader community. This would include the University Staff Congress, The Faculty Senate, Associated Students of Madison (ASM) and any other appropriate staff/student/community group that has a stake in the University of Wisconsin System.

2. No layoffs! We need more, not fewer, staff to serve the needs of our University community. We believe the current plan will mean staff cuts through consolidating positions and other methods. This will inevitably lead to a decline in needed services to students.

Our students and citizens deserve the best!
Save the Wisconsin Idea!
Long live UW Extension!

Down with the clear-cutting of programs at UW-Superior and elsewhere! Our students deserve an education! Save our UW Colleges!

Ray Cross has a secret plan, and we’re not buying it. Where’s our input? We’re not mushrooms to be kept in the dark. This UW Merger Plan is a solution in search of a problem. This disaster plan is state budget cuts coming home to roost and we do not believe the reassurances doled out. We deserve honesty and transparency.

Brought to you by AFSCME Local 171 and other supporting organizations and individuals.

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