NYC, December 21, 2017: Fighting the Power to Smash Women’s Oppression!

Hosted by Workers World Party

Check page for Livestream information

We will discuss the significance of the defeat of Alabama Republican and pedophile Roy Moore as well as the fall of Weinstein and company.

1. Minnie Bruce Pratt, Workers World Newspaper Managing Editor and Alabama native
2. Teresa Gutierrez, Workers World Party National Committee member

Solidarity Center
147 West 24th Street
2nd Floor

​Dinner at 6:30 pm for a small donation.

Panel starts at 7 p.m.

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Ashland School District Reinstates Teacher suspended for Personal Facebook Post

The American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin applauds the Ashland School District for its decision to reinstate an elementary school teacher who was placed on administrative leave for views she expressed in a personal Facebook post about the shooting death of her cousin, a Native American student, by a local sheriff’s deputy.

In a letter sent November 30, 2017the ACLU of Wisconsin said Sandra Gokee’s Facebook post was a form of constitutionally-protected speech, and requested that she be allowed to return to her job teaching the Ojibwe language to Ashland elementary school students without any conditions on her use of private social media accounts.

“The U.S. Supreme Court has long held that the government cannot fire people for exercising their First Amendment right to free speech – and that is exactly what Sandra Gokee was doing when she posted to Facebook about her cousin’s shooting by police,” said ACLU of Wisconsin attorney Asma Kadri. “Sandra Gokee has a right to express her personal beliefs about matters of public concern without fear of retaliation or punishment from the government.”

“After the shooting death of her cousin, Sandra Gokee turned to her personal Facebook page to express her grief and invite a conversation about police violence against Native Americans – and she had every right to do so,” said ACLU of Wisconsin Executive Director Chris Ott. “No one wants to live in a world where the government can police our personal communications and retaliate against us for views it doesn’t like. Thankfully, the Ashland School District is returning Sandra Gokee to the classroom, reflecting an important recognition of the First Amendment rights of its employees.”

Sandra Gokee stated: “I was heartbroken by my cousin’s death and hoped that by sharing my grief and anger, I could invite a dialogue about the epidemic of police violence against communities of color and the greater topic of injustices that Indigenous communities have faced and still face today. Instead, I was removed from the classroom, and may have lost a job I love. I stood up against injustice because I want people – including the children – in our communities to know that they can speak out against injustice and share their feelings, even if those feelings are raw and make some people uncomfortable. Without discomfort there is no societal change or growth.”

The ACLU’s letter noted that the issue of police relations within communities of color is a pressing problem around the country, especially police shootings. While the issue has deep, historical roots for all communities of color, Gokee’s posts and subsequent comments reflect the unique history of Native American interaction with European American authority. For example, on November 13, 2017, CNN reported on CDC data showing that Native American people are three times more likely to be killed by police intervention than whites and at a rate 12% higher than African Americans.

“The issue of police shootings is one of the most pressing and emotional issues throughout Indian country. Indian people should be encouraged to express their views, not punished for it.  In fact, all of us, Indian and non-Indian, should be discussing this problem,” said Stephen Pevar, Senior Staff Attorney with the ACLU National Racial Justice Program.

A copy of the letter the ACLU sent to district administrators is available below.

To read more about Sandra’s story, visit:

Detroit, January 20, 2018: Fight Trump and the Capitalist System He Represents

Hosted by Moratorium NOW! Coalition

Campus Martius Park, 800 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, 12 NOON

On the one year anniversary of Trump’s inauguratiton —
Demonstrate — Fight Trump and the Capitalist System he Represents.

Overturn the tax giveaway to the rich and corporatiions
Expand Social Programs for the Poor
No to U.S. Imperialist War and Aggression across the globe — Defend the DPRK, Yemen, and Iran. Solidarity with the Palestinian Uprising
Smash White Supremacy, sexism and LGBTQ oppression.
Defend Immigrant Rights — there are no borders in the workers’ struggle
Fight for 15 and a Union — Stop the robbery of servers’ tips
Jobs and Health Care are fundamental Human Rights and must be guaranteed to all
Stop the War on the Environmnent
Make the Banks pay for the Destruction they caused from Detroit to Puerto Rico
End the giveaway of our City to Detroit’s Trump — Dan “Robber Baron” Gilbert.
Stop all Foreclosures, Evictions and Water Shut-offs

We are building up a week of action from MLK Day (1/15/18) to J20 (January 20) to demand the charges be dropped against the #J20 defendants, the brave organizers who began 2017 by protesting the current US President’s inauguration, and were unjustly repressed by the state.

Demonstration Initiated by Moratorium Now! Coalition and Workers World Party

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Statement on Visit to the USA, by Professor Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights*

By Professor Philip Alston

“…My visit coincides with a dramatic change of direction in US policies relating to inequality and extreme poverty. The proposed tax reform package stakes out America’s bid to become the most unequal society in the world, and will greatly increase the already high levels of wealth and income inequality between the richest 1% and the poorest 50% of Americans.  The dramatic cuts in welfare, foreshadowed by the President and Speaker Ryan, and already beginning to be implemented by the administration, will essentially shred crucial dimensions of a safety net that is already full of holes.  It is against this background that my report is presented.”

Homepage of OHCHR


The decision of the Trump administration to declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and that the US will move its embassy to Jerusalem is a violation of the rights of the Palestinian people, of international law and a number of United Nations resolutions. It is a bipartisan action which is supported by most Democrats and Republicans in Congress and by past presidents from both parties.  It once again affirms Washington’s support for the brutal Zionist regime in Israel and its genocidal policies towards the Palestinian people.

The 1947 UN resolution on Palestine took away half of the land of the Palestinian people and gave it to Zionist leaders for a Jewish state.  It proclaimed Jerusalem would have a special international administration, recognizing the fact that it held a special standing for the various religions of the people in the region and around the world.  These policies were a direct violation of the rights of the Palestinian people.  But this was not enough for the Zionist regime.  They wanted all of the land of the Palestinian people and so, through a series of military actions and discriminatory policies, much of the Palestinian population was driven from the land and multi-generations today live as refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and other countries of the Palestinian diaspora.  The land that was left for the Palestinian people within Palestine has been continually encroached upon, with illegal Jewish-only settlements, destruction and seizure of Palestinian property and land, and the setting up of walls and Jewish-only roads and check points for Palestinians, restricting their movement in their own country.  Gaza has become an open-air prison, with the densely packed population refused the right to freely leave Gaza while the Israeli government controls how much food, drinkable water, building materials, electricity and other necessities will be allowed for the beleaguered people to minimally survive.

This most recent move of the Trump administration, knowingly provoking a backlash wreaking more violence and oppression on the Palestinian people, fully exposes Washington’s unqualified backing for Israel’s apartheid regime.  This latest outrage must be opposed throughout the United States and the world.  We urge all to join these protests or to build actions in your communities.

Return Jerusalem to the Palestinian people!

Free Gaza!

Support Self-Determination and the Right of Return for all Palestinians!

Solidarity with Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the Zionist State of Israel!

End all US aid to Israel!


Tax Bill Sparks Protests

“…Why is Wall Street pressing their minions in Washington so hard to pass this shameful bill?  For decades, big business has more and more relied on automation and global production networks to lower labor costs and increase profit margins. But now they face the dead end of overproduction and a declining rate of profit. To increase profits they are driven to lower their own taxes while at the same time vastly increasing the deficit.

They will then use the existence of a large deficit as their excuse to destroy every hard-won social program starting with the New Deal passed during the 1930s depression. This includes cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and so much more, while they wallow in their hoarded wealth.

The protests so far, strong as they are, are only a beginning. Millions of workers and oppressed people are waking up to what big business and their politicians have in store: one harsh austerity measure after another. By taking to the streets and disrupting “business as usual,” the workers and poor can win this fight. And will.