Viewpoint: Trump Declaration on Jerusalem Unleashes Palestine Solidarity Demonstrations Worldwide

By Abayomi Azikiwe
Editor, Pan-African News Wire,

Palestine solidarity actions were held all over the U.S., whose government and ruling class have been the staunchest supporters of Israel internationally. Rallies and marches took place in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, among other municipalities.

In the city of Detroit, whose metropolitan area has the largest concentration of people of Middle Eastern descent in the U.S., a rally and march was held on December 8 in the heart of downtown. The demonstration was called by Palestinian American youth with the assistance of anti-imperialist activists from several organizations.

Speeches were delivered at Hart Plaza while people carried placards saying that “Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine.” Later the crowd marched north on Woodward Avenue to Campus Martius where another speak out was held.

United Nations Security Council Holds Unprecedented Session in Response to U.S. Policy

A UN Security Council meeting was convened on December 8 where the executive order of Trump was debated. Only the State of Israel’s representative spoke in favor of U.S. policy.

Even Washington’s allies within the European Union and the Middle East objected to the declaration by the White House. This emergency session was convened by eight of the 15 members of the council being the U.K., France, Sweden, Bolivia, Uruguay, Italy, Senegal and Egypt.

Nonetheless, no resolutions condemning Washington were put forward. The U.S. has veto power as a permanent member of the UNSC.



Union Victory Against Police Terror: CTA Goodwin’s Good Name Restored

A Manhattan judge on Friday posthumously dismissed the bogus criminal charges police levied against Station Agent Darryl Goodwin in May. Local 100 Stations Division Chair Joe Bermudez, and a contingent of union officers and members, attended the court proceedings, fulfilling a union promise to see Goodwin’s good name cleared. “Darryl never should have been arrested in the first place,” TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano said. “Even though he is no longer with us, it was important to his family, and to us, that these charges be dropped.”

Goodwin, 54, passed away of an apparent heart attack in August, approximately 3 months after a police lieutenant from a Midtown North precinct claimed Goodwin thwarted his pursuit of a fleeing shoplifter through the 59th St./Columbus Circle station. The lieutenant claimed Goodwin twice refused to buzz him through a service gate and then resisted arrested on an obstruction charge. Goodwin adamantly denied the allegations, saying he opened the gate remotely once he became aware of the situation. He initially was focused on taking care of a rider at his booth, he said prior to his passing. “These charges were bogus,” Vice President of Stations Derick Echevarria, who knew Goodwin since high school, said. “Darryl was a quite guy. A gentle giant. He wasn’t someone who would be starting trouble.”

Police officers are issued MetroCards. The lieutenant could have simply swiped himself through the turnstiles – or jumped the turnstile – if he was in fact in hot pursuit, Echevarria said. The case was in an early pre-trial stage when Goodwin died. He was under a lot of stress from the case and working a lot of overtime to make up for time lost while he was suspended by the MTA. “I think that played a role in his death,” Echevarria said.  – Pete Donohue

Local 100 outside Manhattan courthouse where a judge posthumously dismissed the case against CTA Goodwin

Local 100 outside Manhattan courthouse where a judge posthumously dismissed the case against CTA Goodwin

Ashland, December 21: Justice for Jason Pero!

220 6th St E, Ashland, 11:30 A.M.

Gather with us to share concerns about Ashland County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff’s deputy Brock, who shot and killed 14 year old Jason Pero, has been put back to work within the department. Our community needs healing, but how can we heal when the wound is festering? We’re calling for the resignation of sheriff Mick Brennan and deputy Brock Mrdjenovich. Help us heal.

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Milwaukee, December 27, 2017: Africans On The Move Kwanzaa Celebration

3020 W. Vliet Street, Milwaukee, WI  53208, 6-8 p.m.


A celebration for the whole family with music, family games and food.

KUJICHAGULIA:  Self-Determination

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wisconsin African -American Women’s Center

It’s a Kwanzaa celebration for the whole family with music, family games, and food. Bring all and let’s celebrate our right and responsibility to determine our own destination as a free African people.

“One had better die fighting injustice than die like a rat in a trap.”  — Ida B. Wells

“Freedom is not something that one people can bestow on another as a gift. They claim it as their own and none can keep it from them.” — Kwame Nkrumah

The event is free and dinner will be served free of charge.

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