NYC, January 20, 2018: Rally against Trump and Capitalism! #DaysOfRage

Hosted by The People’s MTA

We don’t have to live like this!

J20Resist Calls for #DaysOfRage against Trump and capitalism!

In solidarity with our Palestinian comrades and friends who have called for their days of rage, J20Resist calls for #DaysOfRage against Trump and capitalism from January 15, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, through January 20, the anniversary Trump’s inauguration.

Other #DaysOfRage action called so far are below. Many more to be announced soon!

MLK day Monday, January 15
Solidarity with Striking Spectrum Workers
2-4 pm Columbus Circle
Organized by People’s Power Assemblies Workers Defense Committee, MACC and Labor Against Racist Terror

Protest to Free Ahed Tamimi
5-6:30pm Union Square, in front of Best Buy
Organized by Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

People’s Monday for Martin Luther King Jr.
7pm, 125th and Malcolm X
Organized by NYC Shut It Down

Tuesday, January 16
After J20: Fighting Back Against Political Repression
7-9pm at the Solidarity Center (147 w 24th St, 2nd Floor)
Organized by the Committee to Stop FBI Repression

Wednesday, January 17
Pack the Court for Mumia Abu-Jamal
8-11am Criminal Justice Center 1301 Filbert St, Philadelphia
Transportation from NYC leaves Solidarity Center at 5:30am. Contact for tickets ($20)

Thursday, January 18
Rally against Rapist Cops and All Cops
320 Jay St, Brooklyn
Organized by Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council
Action is in solidarity with Anna Chambers, who was raped by two Brooklyn police officers earlier this year.

Anti-imperialist Outreach
2pm in Fulton Street Station, Manhattan
Organized by G-REBLS

Resist US-Led War & Imperialism
5:30pm, *New Location: Union Square South
Organized by the International League of Peoples’ Struggle

Women Fight Back against Capitalism and Imperialism
7pm at the Solidarity Center (147 w 24th St, 2nd Floor)
Organized by Workers World Party

Friday, January 19

Trump is a Racist: 1804 Movement March for all Immigrants
8:00 a.m.: Assemble at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn
9:00 a.m.: Start the March down Flatbush Avenue
12:30 p.m.: Rally Trump Building, 40 Wall Street
Organized by the 1804 Movement for All Immigrants, a new Haitian-led anti-imperialist coalition
This action is not part of the #DaysOfRage campaign. #DaysOfRage endorses and encourages people to attend this very important action.

Transit Accessibility for All!
5-7pm Union Square (14th St and Union Square East)
Organized by The People’s MTA and People’s Power Assemblies

Saturday January 20
Rally against Trump and Capitalism: We Don’t Have to Live LIke This!
4pm Grand Central Terminal

Since January 20th 2017, our class has been under attack with ICE raids, state repression, killer cops and deep cuts into what’s left of our social safety net. Hundreds of activists are facing felony charges for protesting against this racist misogynist regime. Tens of thousands of families are being deported or incarcerated for simply being born. The drive for war goes faster and we all get poorer.

We don’t have to live like this. The Democrats have shown they can’t save us. They can’t even defend an election they say was stolen from them. Across the country, we are tirelessly mobilizing against white supremacy, war and capitalism. It’s only by getting organized, putting the ruling class on notice and making our people power known that we have any hope of fightback.

We will fight for our lives by taking to the streets across the country to address the core problem of all our miseries: a regime that arrests us, dispossesses us, poisons us, bashes us, evicts us, and kills us.

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