Florida Prisoners On Strike, Need Support


Prisoner demands: tinyurl.com/yafoh75p

Karen Smith of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, who helped coordinate the Tallahassee action at the prison and support on the outside, told WW that there is difficulty now receiving information from the prisoners inside. Smith said: “A lot of the leaders were put in solitary confinement last week. All communication regarding the strike from prisoners ended Sunday night [Jan. 14]. I received a text yesterday stating the prisoners are on strict lockdown and more people are being put into solitary.”

This brave struggle being waged by the most oppressed should serve as a beacon to all people who are fighting the racist, capitalist U.S. system, which was built on the backs of enslaved African people and on land stolen from Indigenous people.

The strike inside will only be as successful as the movement we build on the outside to support the prisoners and spread their message to end prison slavery. To become active and find ways to participate, contact fighttoxicprisons.org

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