Milwaukee, January 20: Antifascists Unite: Meal & Info Picket

Hosted by Milwaukee IWW

6th & National, Milwaukee, 12 NOON – 3 P.M.

One year into the tyranny that is the current administration, and WE ARE STILL HERE. We been in the streets, holding organizer trainings, educating ourselves, and arming the revolution with self-defense. We have said NO, NO, NO to to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and xenophobia. We have come through with mutual aid, taken care of our friends when they are sick or unsafe, cop watched, and made amazing radical art. We have taken back workplaces, and made huge moves to secure space, food, legal assistance, and housing. But we aren’t even close to being done; with food donations by Food Not Bombs MKE as well as various individuals, we are proving that the resistance is fertile, deep, strong, and will not be silenced by repression by the state nor apathy. Gather with us to celebrate the triumphs, mourn the injustices, and educate yourself about the current issues at hand and what we as a community can do about them, all while sipping some hot beverage and spooning some soup. If you are able, please bring a dish for 4-5 people. If half the people bring a dish, we will have more than enough! We will also be collecting donations of warm winter coats/gear and nonperishable foods for folks in need!

Note: the space will be properly shoveled and is wheelchair accessible. We will be outside so BUNDLE UP!! <33

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