Help Contribute To Legal Fees for IWW Milwaukee Fighting Slumlord

During the summer of 2016 the Milwaukee IWW’s Solidarity Network fought a campaign against Anchor Properties for the return of a stolen security deposit. During this process we picketed, phone zapped, and marched on Anchor Properties. Anchor Properties responded by calling the police, who unjustly issued tickets to an IWW picketer. This IWW took the case to court, because we must not allow police departments to intimidate labor and working class organizing. We have a right to stand up to injustice and a right to organize. The court case is dragging on, and the fellow worker needs help with legal fees. We are asking the community to help us pay the 700 dollars we need to keep fighting. This is actually a very modest fee that our representation is charging. Please contribute to this cause, because we aren’t only fighting slumlords, but we are also setting a precedent that working class organizations will not be intimidated into backing down by the police.

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