Milwaukee, March 8: Women Against Hate

Hosted by UBLAC Milwaukee

Hate divides. But hate also unites. It bonds us together, we find each other, and we grow louder, and reach a pitch that must be heard.

WOMEN AGAINST HATE, a new traveling art exhibition, uses art as the platform for an anti-hate campaign. Featuring bold visual illustrations and powerful messaging this activism-based art exhibition amplifies and projects female voices in an effort to combat current hate rhetoric directed at immigrant communities, racial and religious minorities, and other marginalized groups.

Join us March 8th at City Hall for an inaugural traveling art exhibition and rally titled Women Against Hate United by Love at 6:30 p.m. for additional details.

Come out to support this diverse group of women of color and hear their stories along with UBLAC core and founding members Astar Herndon and Keisha Robinson.

Thank you to the artists and visionaries Kelly Parks Snider, Rachel Griifin, and Leigh Garcia. They will explore highly charged issues in their new exhibition using visual illustrations and messaging. United together women share stories of injustice, tragedy, strength, and amazingly, hope.

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