Fight For $15: THEN. NOW. UNTIL WE WIN!

Marchers at the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike

Fight for $15

Yesterday, Feb. 12, 2018,…was incredible! Fast-food workers from dozens of cities walked off the job to fight for fair pay, for union rights, for dignity, and for enough to live, echoing a battle cry we’ve been heralding for generations.

With the Poor People’s Campaign, we carried that same message yesterday as we marched the same path that Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Memphis sanitation workers marched 50 years ago.

We all deserve a chance at the American dream, the dream that Dr. King spoke of all those years ago. We deserve $15 an hour, union rights, and respect on the job regardless of race.

Days like yesterday, and like when Dr. King spoke 50 years ago, are about speaking truth to power, rising up together in ways that are so big and so bold that nobody can ignore us. That’s how we win. And we will win, Bryan . We. Will. Win.

Latierika Blair
McDonald’s Worker
Memphis, TN
Fight for $15 Fight for $15,

Fight for $15 march

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