Racine, Feb. 23, 2018: Black History Month Rally #BlackLivesMatter

Hosted by Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES)

Black History Month Rally #BlackLivesMatter (YES)

2119 Rapids Dr, Racine, William Horlick High School (Flagpole), 3-4 P.M.

As we wrap up our celebration of Black History Month, YES is inviting all sudents and the community to our rally at Horlick High School. We acknowledge that students of color continue to face racial injustice and discrimination in school and it is only in the spirits of the greatest civil rights icons that we bring these issues to the forefront. Black students of Horlick have come together and identified issues within the school and will be presenting the demands to the Racine Unified School District. Black History Month Rally #BlackLivesMatter (YES)

We stand firmly against police brutality in all of its forms and stand in solidarity with the Shannon family in the recent murder of Donte Shannon. We must not let Donte die in vain; we cannot allow for anymore Trayvon Martins, Mike Browns, Sandra Blands, Tamir Rices, Freddie Grays, Eric Garners, Donte Shannons and any other victims of police brutality.#BlackLivesMatter

Black History Month Rally #BlackLivesMatter (YES)

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