Chicago, March 5:

Hosted by Chicago Workers World Party

7 – 8:30 P.M.

**Invite Friends and Comrades**

Marxist-Leninist Study Group is a discussion series for people hoping to learn more about socialism.

It is held the first Monday and third Wednesday of every month, light snacks and beverages provided.

If you are not available in person, tune in using Facebook Live to participate!

NOTE: If you are uncomfortable being filmed on the live stream, please let us know! You do not have to be filmed if you come to the event in person. Also, do not feel like you have to come to the event knowing everything – it is okay to sit, listen, and learn. ♥

“For a colonized people the most essential value, because the most concrete, is first and foremost the land: the land which will bring them bread and, above all, dignity.”
― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth
For the 12th Marxist-Leninist Study Group, we will be reading the chapter entitled “Spontaneity: Its Strength and Weakness” from Fanon’s “Wretched of the Earth”
~Total: 41 pages

A PDF of the reading can be found for free at this link below:

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