Detroit, March 4, 2018: Shut Down Richard Spencer!

Stop Trump Ann ArborShut Down Richard Spencer in Metro-Detroit on March 4th

Please note updated time and location:

We will rally at Campus Martius Park by the Michigan Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument at the south end of the park. The rally will feature local activists and religious leaders. Afterwards we will march to say loud and clear that Detroit and Michigan condemn Nazi organizing and everything these vile people stand for.

Please join us.

If there was ever a time and place to stand up for what you believe in, this is it!


On Sunday, March 4th in metro-Detroit, Richard Spencer will join other neo-Nazis at an alt-right conference. The fascists are not releasing the location of this conference, because they rightly fear the anger of the community.

Please share the information in the discussion section of this event, including the photos of the neo-Nazis planning to speak. We must get this information out to the community to try to keep people safe around the dates of this conference and to gather information as to the location.

On Monday, March 5, neo-Nazi conference attendees plan to travel to Lansing, Michigan to hear Richard Spencer speak at Michigan State University.

The organizations sponsoring this anti-fascist protest believe in “No platform for fascists.” Please send a PM if your organization would like to co-sponsor. We must have maximum unity among all those opposed to fascist organizing. Our lives may depend on it.

Our goal for the events on March 4th and 5th should be to end the fascists’ ability to publicly organize during this dangerous period in our country’s history. Let’s send them back to their mother’s basements where the harm they can do our communities is minimized.

At the time of this writing, lead Nazi Richard Spencer has postponed his speaking date at the University of Michigan and has canceled his planned appearance in Cincinnati because he could not afford the security fee of $11,000. This makes the March 4th and 5th events extremely important for the Nazis, and for all of us who oppose them.

If the March 5th Richard Spencer speaking event at MSU goes forward, it will be from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium in the Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education.

Stop Trump Ann ArborShut Down Richard Spencer in Metro-Detroit on March 4th

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