Take Action to End Exploitation at LA’s port

Together with our coworkers we are honoring those that marched and gave their lives on Bloody Sunday in Selma, AL, in 1965. We marched with our coworkers and community allies to send a clear message to the companies we work for, and also to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, that the time to take action is now!

SIGN OUR PETITION today to LA Mayor Garcetti to insist he take action to put an end to racial discrimination, wage theft, and exploitation at the City’s port.

We work at the Port of Los Angeles as warehouse workers and port truck drivers. We ensure that products you purchase from companies like Amazon and Target are handled carefully and delivered in a timely manner. Our coworkers at the Cal Cartage warehouse and NFI port trucking companies work hard each and every day and we expect more from our elected officials like Mayor Garcetti.

On March 8, we commemorated the anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the landmark 1965 civil rights march in Selma to end racial injustice. We marched together with the Our People | Our Port coalition from the Port of Long Beach to the Port of Los Angeles.

All we want is for our families and children to grow up with a bright future. We want to receive the wages we work so hard for, to be recognized as employees worthy of dignity, and to not be forgotten as people of color slaving away at America’s ports while experiencing Jim Crow racism and intolerable sharecropping conditions.

I need your help by signing our petition today calling for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to stand on the side of bravery and take swift action in support of port workers like us.

We won’t stop demanding this and fighting until every port driver and warehouse worker is treated with the dignity and respect every worker deserves. Just like Dr. King,  we believe that all labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance.

In solidarity,

Dwayne Wilson, NFI/Cal Cartage
Omar Alvarez, XPO Logistics


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