March 24 National Conference to Defeat Austerity in Detroit to Emphasize Programmatic Approach to Economic Crisis

By Abayomi Azikiwe
Editor, Pan-African News Wire,

Despite the claims of prosperity and full employment, millions are living in poverty and distress

March 24 will be an important date for the Moratorium NOW! Coalition and more than 50 other organizations and individuals who have endorsed the National Conference to Defeat Austerity (NCDA) in Detroit. The gathering is being held at the Historic St. Matthews-St. Joseph’s Church located on Woodward Avenue in the North End section of town.

This event is an outcome of several local developments in the city where hundreds of thousands of residents have seen their standards of living dropped precipitously amid massive layoffs in retail and service sectors along with the ongoing property tax foreclosure epidemic and the rising rents across broad sections of the municipality. A corporate media narrative which promotes the city as making significant progress after emerging from what was in actuality an illegal bankruptcy during 2013-14, often overlooks the plight of the majority African American working class population, many of whom are mired in poverty.

The NCDA concept arose after the Moratorium NOW! Coalition mobilized people surrounding the World Conference of Mayors held at the MGM Grand Casino Hotel from October 23-27 last year. This same propaganda fostered by the billionaire ruling class headed by Quicken Loans owner Dan Gilbert and the Illitch Companies, sought to utilize the World Conference of Mayors to spread blatant misrepresentation of the social and economic situation in Detroit.

A facebook page with registration information and other resources can be reached at: Defeat Austerity Although registration is free the conference will accept donations for printed materials and food. Hosted by Moratorium NOW! Coalition and Defeat Austerity

March 24 2018 Detroit

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