CWA pickets continue in spite of Frontier’s Pinkerton Tactics

Striking Frontier Communications workers will continue picketing this week, despite being slapped with a temporary restraining order last week as the company requested an injunction —  something CWA member Kyla Clark considers “a major scare tactic.” “We are strong, weare united, and we are committed to the fight for good jobs and quality service in West Virginia,” saidCWA District 2-13 Vice President Ed Mooney. The strike is now in its third week, with “tremendous support” from residents and business owners across West Virginia and as far away as Frontier headquarters in Connecticut, Mooney added. The order, limiting the size and location of picket lines, was only in effect until 5pm yesterday, and pickets continue this week (see Calendar). Read more here, and check the CWA District 2-13 website for regular updates.
Photo: CWA Local 1298 holds a solidarity picket at a Frontier location in Meriden, Connecticut, with signs that read: “Just Practicing”; courtesy WV CWA

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