May 1, 2018: March in Minneapolis | Marcha 1 de mayo en Minneapolis

MIRAC – Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee

May 1 March in Minneapolis | Marcha 1 de mayo en Minneapolis

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May 1 March in Minneapolis | Marcha 1 de mayo en Minneapolis

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Minneapolis International Workers Day march for immigrant & workers rights

3:30 PM
Lake Street & Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

Join us in the streets for this year’s International Workers Day march for immigrant & workers rights.

* No attacks on immigrants, refugees & Muslims
* No more deportations
* Legalization for all
* Clean DREAM Act Now
* Restore Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for Salvadorans & Haitians
* Adopt the Sanctuary Platform
* Make Minnesota a Sanctuary State
* Expand union rights in Minnesota
* Stop all ‘right to work’ (for less) attacks
* Living wage for all
* Medicare for all
* End to police brutality! Community control of the police!
* Climate justice
* Peace


May 1 March in Minneapolis | Marcha 1 de mayo en Minneapolis

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May 1 March in Minneapolis | Marcha 1 de mayo en Minneapolis

Solidarity With Arizona Educators!

Our Mission Statement: Arizona Educators United is a coalition of teachers, education support professionals, administrators, and those who care about the state of education in Arizona. Our goal is to ensure that students have access to highly qualified and experienced teachers, that educators are compensated fairly, and to improve the educational environment in the state of Arizona. Twitter: @AZEDUnited This is a group for organizing Arizona educators for action. It is our mission to make Arizona better for Students and Educators, by providing teachers a voice. Please add any teachers or ESPs that you feel are wanting to take action. How can you help? Do these 5 things. 1. Continue to spread the word of this group. 2. Wear Red on Wednesdays. Take a photo, and hashtag the photo #REDforED. Make sure to ask legislators what their plan is. Then stay tuned for more actions. 3. Join the “Arizona Educators United” Remind 101 for updates: or Text @9c28ke to the number 81010 You will receive a welcome text from Remind. If anyone has trouble with 81010, they can try texting @9c28ke to (615) 237-5117 4. Fill out the google document below. This is essential to the organization process. We are committed to the cause, and your personal information will be protected. Here: 5. Are you energized and want to jump in? If you are interested in being a -Site Liaison Please email us with your “Personal Email” at -Facebook Moderator -Twitter Moderator -Action Support Team Member Please message one of the administrators and we will get you set up with the right team. Site Liaison: Organizing and informing your school. Communicating concerns, and ideas directly to the leadership team. Action Support Team: Develop materials for actions Answer questions about actions Distribute information on actions Serve on the ground during an action This is our moment.

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Arizona Education Association

April 14-15, 2018: Join the Spring Actions Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad


With the appointments of Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, two of the country’s most right-wing hawks as CIA director and Trump’s Natinal Security Advisor respectively, the U.S. moves closer to confrontation with Iran and North Korea.  These appointments underscore the importance of the spring actions against the wars at home and abroad.

In the past days, we have seen millions mobilized in the streets led by high school students demanding an end to gun violence in their schools and neighborhoods.  But the same manufacturers who produce the weapons used to kill students have also provided the weapons to kill millions in countries throughout the world.  To end violence in the U.S., we must end U.S. aggression overseas.  Join us!        #SpringAgainstWar

Milwaukee, April 10: Students & Educators Deserve a Budget That Honors the Classroom

Hosted by Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

5225 W Vliet, Milwaukee Public Schools, 5-8 P.M. 

We just finished our meet and confer session with MPS Administration to find out if they got the message at Thursday night’s school board meeting. Hundreds of our members delivered over 3,000 time petitions and loudly demanded more from MPS administration. They aren’t listening!

Rather than listen to educator demands for “Time, Heath, and a Raise,” administration laid out the largest cuts to our healthcare and benefits since Act 10. They also gave a flat “NO” to educator demands for time to better service our students. This means it’s time for educators to take the next step in our plan to win for our students. This district is not broke. We know there are enough good school board members that will use the school district’s resources to help our students. We are resolved to show up and make sure these voices are heard.

On April 10th Administration will officially propose these draconian cuts to the school board. Our members MUST show up and speak out.

We need everyone to wear MTEA green all week, the week after Spring Break.

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