Southern Workers Assembly: Solidarity with Oklahoma Teacher & State Worker Walkouts!

Solidarity with Oklahoma Teacher & State Worker Walkouts!

Deepen the class struggle, strengthen our unions and fight against austerity!

The Southern Workers Assembly sends our solidarity to the education workers and their unions across Oklahoma that will stage walkouts in school districts across the state on April 2. This bold action comes on the heels of the 9-day strike by education workers in West Virginia that has inaugurated a new period of fightback particularly by public school workers. Workers in the South are playing a leading role in this rising tide of resistance – in addition to West Virginia and Oklahoma, teachers in Kentucky have staged walk-outs, along with Jersey City, New Jersey, Arizona, and elsewhere.

While conditions in each area are unique, they have opened a wider struggle against the crushing impact of years of cutbacks and austerity measures that have crippled public education and public services, driven down wages and working conditions, taken aim at workers’ ability to build our unions, and deprived our communities of many vitally needed resources. All this while banks, oil and gas companies, and other big corporations receive massive handouts. Workers in Oklahoma are showing the way forward by going out on strike on April 2, and demonstrating to the world what is possible when workers stick together and take bold action.

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