Baltimore, May 5: Commemorate the Catonsville 9! Say NO to Racism and War!

Hosted by Peoples Power Assembly and Youth Against War and Racism

Charles and 34th Street, in front of the Johns Hopkins sign, 2-5 P.M.

Fifty years ago, 9 anti-war Catholic activists broke into the local draft board and removed 378 draft files which they burned in front of the recruitment office in Catonsville, MD.

Celebrate their anti-war legacy and say NO to war and racism!

From Syria to Korea, Venezuela to Iran, and even Russia and China the threat of another war by the United States is imminent. The US military has over 1000 foreign bases in dozens of countries throughout the world and uses racism to demonize the people an leadership of countries that oppose the interests of Wall Street. At the same time the police murder oppressed people with impunity right here at home and use the same racism to justify it.

These are intimately connected issues and we call upon young people everywhere to stand up and resist the drive to war, both at home and abroad. Tell the Pentagon and their banker masters that we won’t fight in their war! Our struggle is right here in the streets!

Join us at Charles and 34th Street in front of the John’s Hopkins University sign for a rally and march on Saturday May 5th at 2pm.

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