Gaza: The unbreakable will to resist

By Deirdre Griswold posted on April 9, 2018

The people of Gaza, in a show of their unbreakable will to resist Israeli rule and control their own destiny, have begun a series of demonstrations at the heavily fortified border with Israel that are to continue every Friday until mid-May. The result has already been a historically heroic uprising by Palestinians, young and old, women and men, who are joining the demonstrations by the thousands.

It is not only the Israeli government’s murderous repression that has ignited this firestorm of resistance. The Palestinian people know full well that Israel is backed to the hilt by the U.S. imperialist government. Israel has functioned as imperialism’s attack dog against the peoples of the Middle East for decades. Now President Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is meant to destroy the possibility — known as the “two-state solution” — of the Palestinians being able to establish a state on any part of the lands stolen from them in 1948.

But repression breeds resistance. The people of Gaza are setting an example of fighting back that resonates with so many who are suffering under the current “world order” — a regime dictated by the tiny class of superbillionaires who have sucked the wealth out of oppressed nations and peoples all over the globe.

The Palestinians have put their bodies on the line, even at the very real risk of being shot down by Israeli soldiers…

…On May 15, Palestinians will commemorate the Nakba. On May 16, the U.S. government will move its embassy to Jerusalem. There will undoubtedly be massive demonstrations by Palestinians on these days, not just in Gaza but all over the world. Everyone who is for the rights of the oppressed should be there.

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