Madison, April 18: Cops Out Of Schools!

Hosted by Freedom Youth Squad

545 W Dayton Street, 5 P.M. 

There will be another Ad Hoc ERO Meeting. Please Join Freedom Youth Squad in saying no to the police in schools.

What cops in schools ACTUALLY do:
�School Cops in Madison make arrests that are 4 times more likely to involve a Black person than a white person. In at least one Madison high school, MPD’s “school” cop intentionally targeted Black male youth for extra attention. The Madison school board pays the salaries of these MPD cops in our high schools, and then these cops feed information about certain students to other cops out in the community. MPD’s cops often use this information to criminalize these students (See for more info).

What cops in schools DON’T do:

The idea of school districts paying to put armed cops in schools was popularized after Columbine–despite the fact that two cops were there, but did NOT stop the shooters. Cops in schools were supposed to act as a deterrent. But there is no evidence to suggest these armed cops have stopped any school shootings in the last 20 years (there were 4 cops at the Parkland, Florida school who never entered the building during the attack) or that they fulfill their imagined roles as disciplinarians and protectors. In Madison, MPD’s four high-school cops were NOT physically present during two-thirds of incidents they reported. In fact, these so-called “school” cops DON’T spend all their time at the schools: About half of the incidents the “school” cops reported didn’t even take place on school grounds, but out in the community instead.

In the name of imaginary “safety” with no evidence, the Madison school board is paying for MPD “school” cops to criminalize youth of color for behavior that doesn’t require armed police trained to treat everything like a law enforcement problem. We need real, youth-led and community-controlled solutions for school safety and discipline.

Instead of paying the salaries of four MPD cops, the Madison school board could spend that money to hire non-police crisis intervention specialists, school psychologists, counsellors and creating well rounded, culturally relevant programs and services for youth of color. We need to fight to empower students, parents and community members to have direct, democratic control over what kind of school safety and discipline measures we need.

JOIN THE FIGHT to stop racist policing in our schools!

For more information on how to get involved, contact Freedom Inc ( OR Derail the Jail (

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