Milwaukee, April 24, 2018: Picket To Defend Our Schools

Hosted by Stop the Takeover of MPS

Stop the Takeover of MPS

Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

5225 W Vliet, Milwaukee Public Schools, 4:30 P.M.

The current MPS budget proposal is unacceptable for our students, schools, or classrooms! Join us on Tuesday, April 24 for a Picket To Defend Our Schools at MPS Central Office.

We will continue to fight to demand our students & educators have the resources they deserve:

• Keep budget cuts away from schools!
• Time for teachers and educational assistants to meet the needs of their students.
• Quality affordable healthcare for ALL full-time education workers – including subs!
• Raises to attract and retain the education workers our students deserve.

RSVP here:

#fightforfunding #fundourfuture

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“I used to be able to come early to class and work with my teachers. I can’t do that any more…It is because you have made my teachers attend daily meetings instead of preparing for their classes. Students are standing outside the classroom waiting while they’re running to the classroom instead of welcoming us.”

Ammishaddai Jackson, North Division High School student and president of Youth Rising Up-North Division High School.

Picket To Defend Our Schools

#timetoteach #fightforfunding 

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