Chicago, April 28: Organizing Meeting: Removing Chicago’s Confederate Monument

Hosted by SWS Chicago

412 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Jesse White Community Center 

$250,000 was spent by the federal government in 2009 to maintain Chicago’s Confederate monument. We envision a world where that money is spent improving school conditions, paving roads, and providing affordable housing and childcare to all. We demand that not ONE MORE CENT of OUR tax dollars be spent on this pillar to white supremacy.

Come to this meeting to find out how to get more involved with our campaign to get this racist monument removed and get more funding for our communities. Bring your ideas and bring your friends!

This event is kid-friendly, open to the public, and wheelchair accessible.

We will discuss
-what public figures to pressure for the monument’s removal and how to contact them
-opportunities for action against Confederate apologists who defend the monument
-outreach events to raise awareness of this campaign
-and MORE!

Text or call (312) 620-2305 to get an interview with one of our lead organizers or if your organization wants to endorse this campaign.

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