Support Port Truck Drivers In California!


We are in the California State Capitol in support of CA Senate Bill 1402, which will hold companies like Home Depot and Amazon accountable for the immoral exploitation of truck drivers like us that haul cargo on and off the docks at America’s largest port complex.

We need your help to show the California legislature that there is nationwide support for SB 1402. Can you please sign your name as a supporter?

This important legislation, called “Dignity in the Driver’s Seat,” was introduced by CA Senator Ricardo Lara and orders the State of California to publish a list of trucking companies that rip off us drivers by illegally misclassifying us as independent contractors without concern for the law. If the cargo owners – importers like Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot – contract with a company on the list, then they will be held liable for our wage theft claims.

Can you please add your name to our supporter list?

We are going to testify in the CA Senate Judiciary and Labor Committees, and will report how many people like you have signed our support petition.

In struggle,

Misclassified drivers
Daniel Anaseko Uaina, Intermodal Bridge Transport
Rene Flores, former Morgan Southern, owned by Roadrunner Transportation Systems
Juan Islas, Domingo Avalos, Benjamin Alfaro,and Juan Herrera, XPO Logistics
Miguel Garcia, J&S Freight, Inc.

Employee drivers
Luis Baptista, Toll Global Forwarding, owned by Japan Post, member of Teamsters Local 848
Jorge Mayorga, Shippers Transport Express, member of Teamsters Local 848

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