Milwaukee Teachers Education Association Prepares For Further Direct Action In Response to Administration Proposals Of Major Cuts & Layoffs

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Important update from MTEA leadership on our current campaign to win the budget our students deserve.


MTEA Vice President Amy Mizialko just made this important announcement May 2, 2018 on the MTEA campaign to win the classrooms ALL our students deserve:

“Good evening everyone. I am Amy Mizialko. I am MTEA vice president.

As you know outgoing Superintendent Darienne Driver released her proposed budget last Friday.

This proposed budget has several problems and is insufficient for students and educators.

This budget still has 5% cuts for each of our schools and they must be removed.

Our students cannot sustain one more loss.

Substitute teachers must be respected with healthcare benefits.

And teachers and educational assistants must be given the time that they need to meet students’ needs.

We know attacks are coming.

It will be no surprise to you that Director Michael Bonds wants to take away dollars set aside for modest cost of living raises for public education workers.

And the chief financial officer has a health insurance presentation that clearly puts our healthcare in question yet again.

Tonight the MTEA Executive Board voted to authorize the MTEA president to set a deadline for the school board to produce a fair and just budget this May.

We are asking every educator in every Milwaukee Public School to search your conscience and consider how far each of you is willing to go.

To guarantee a just budget for students and educators.

We are asking every educator to sign and pledge their commitment to act this May.

Your signatures are your commitment to take bold action.

Pledges will be in schools this week.

Work with your regular MTEA contact to get the pledge so you can move it in your building.

We live in Act 10 Wisconsin.

Where the deck has been stacked against our students.

Against educators and against our community.

But MTEA, MPS family, I believe in the educators of this district.

I believe in the students and families of this city.

And I believe that we’re willing to do what it takes to get what students and educators deserve.

Thank you!”

Watch the video here:

Video with CC caption:

Image may contain: 4 people, tree, crowd, shoes, child and outdoor

Thousands march in Milwaukee April 24, 2018 in an action sponsored by the MTEA Photo: Joe Brusky

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