NYC, May 12: 1st Annual Palestine Lives Conference

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1st Annual Palestine Lives Conference

As we approach the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, join us for the first ever “Palestine Lives” Conference on May 12th, 2018 at Hunter College, New York, NY. This Palestinian-led conference will feature Palestinians who have been resisting from Gaza to the west, and will serve to revitalize efforts for Palestine from the diaspora.

Featuring special guest speakers: Marc Lamont Hill Susan Abulhawa Sekou Odinga Fa Tin Amir Qudaih Ahmed Mansour Nerdeen Kiswani Hasan Salaam Pam AfricaKei WilliamsNorman FinkelsteinRosa Clemente and many many more!!!!


RECOGNIZING OUR STRUGGLES AS ONE Revolutionaries from various movements speaking on the importance of international solidarity- featuring -Sekou Odinga, Ashira Ramadan, Pam Africa, Marc Lamont Hill, Rosa Clemente

3 MASSACRES LATER: 4 resilient young Gazans speak about their journey to the U.S in the aftermath of three Israeli assaults – featuring – Ahmed Mansour, Amir Qudaih, Walaa alghussien, Arkan Dawoud

GAZA – MARTYDOM AND BETRAYAL :Finkelstein will provide crucial background to the historic events now unfolding in Gaza.
He is the author of the just-published book, GAZA: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom – By Norman Finklestein

BLACK IN THE HOLY LAND: A closer look at the diverse Black communities within the Holy land including Sudanse/Eritrean refugees, Black Palestinian refugees, Afro Palestinians and more. – featuring Marc Lamont Hill and Nancy Mansour

MEEN ERHABE (WHOS THE TERRORIST)? – What is Zionism? Breaking down the origins and history of Israel and its Terrorism – Featuring Nick R and Alexi Shalom

UNTOLD SURVIVOR STORIES OF THE NAKBA – Eyewitness accounts from Palestinian survivors during the creation of Israel – Featuring our Elders

THE ROLE OF ART AND CULTURE IN THE LIBERATION OF PALESTINE: Discussing the importance of Palestinian art and culture within the struggle of Liberation with a special feature on the Ghassan Kanafani Scholarship – featuring Susan AbulHawa

THE OSLO AGREEMENTS: The biggest setback for the Palestinian struggle; the initiation of a “peace process” that created the two state illusion – featuring Toufic Haddad, Zachariah Barghouti and Nerdeen Kiswani

ENEMY STATE VIOLENCE ON WOMEN AND CHILDREN – Straight out of Palestine, speaking from her lived experience, Ashira Ramadan, along with Fatin Jarrar discuss Israels extreme violence that intentionally targets women and children in an attempt to suppress the future of the resistance. – featuring Ashira Ramadan and Fatin Jarrar

GAZA, 48, THE WEST BANK AND THE DIASPORA – Israel has used military force to divide Palestinians into a scattered society – featuring Palestinians from each region.

BLACK4PALESTINE – Black4Palestine recently traveled to Lebanon with several Palestine organizers on a delegation to visit Palestinain refugee camps and learn from their struggle. Hear their reflections firsthand.

THE LANGUAGE OF PALESTINIAN TATREEZ EMBROIDERY: Wafa documents, decodes and preserves the patterns, meanings and oral history of over a dozen traditional Palestinian embroidery designs passed on for generations. featuring Wafa Ghnaiem

PALESTINE THROUGH MY EYES – Stories from young artist and organizers from the U.S.A that visited Palestine for themselves.- featuring – Tarin Gonzalez, Hasan Salaam, Alexandra, Jeff Camp, DJ Christie Love and Randy


Registration and Vendors sign up here:


Organized by: Within our Lifetime • United for Palestine, Existence Is Resistance, & Palestinian Youth Movement – NYC chapter

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