May 14, 2018: Nakba70 Rally and March | Milwaukee

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Nakba70 Rally and March | Milwaukee

941 E Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, 5 P.M. 

May 14, join us to commemorate 70 years since the Nakba (catastrophe) to rally and march against the ongoing occupation of Palestine. The rally will start by the orange Sunburst statue at the edge of Wisconsin Ave by Milwaukee’s lakefront.

70 years ago, over 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes by Israel without return despite countless UN resolutions demanding return. Currently, these refugees live in camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Every year they take to the streets to assert their right to return, reminding the international community of its obligation towards Palestinian refugees and its responsibility for their crisis.

This year, Palestinians are planning a “Great March of Return.” in advance of the March the people of Gaza have been peacefully demonstrating every Friday. The Israeli colonial and settler army have met these peaceful demonstrators with unparalleled force. Since the demonstrations started early April, over 3000 Palestinians have been wounded and over 40 have been murdered.

The colonial army and politicians have been emboldened by the Trumps administration’s support and encouragement – from the illegal move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, to the protection of Israel with no consequence to their criminal actions.

Join us on Monday to protest the criminal act of the colonial army of Israel and to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Nakba70 Rally and March | Milwaukee

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