U.S. Hands Off Venezuela! Solidarity With The Bolivarian revolution!

May 20, 2018: A message from WWP members who are observers invited by the Venezuela people’s government:

We are in the midst of the Venezuelan presidential elections, and working people all over the world are on the edge of their seats waiting for the results. The US ruling class has already declared they will not recognize the results, and the State Department is looking to implement oil sanctions.

The US ruling class wants to paint the election is illegitimate. But to the contrary, the Venezuelan government has invited delegates from all over the world—the US, Canada, several Latin American countries, Syria, Palestine, and many more—to observe the elections and learn all about the electoral process. Among the many organizations invited was Workers World Party. The photos and account below are first-hand observations from our comrades on the ground in Venezuela.

This is (probably) the first you’ll see of this. The National Electoral Council (or, in Spanish, Consejo Nacional Electoral or CNE) took this delegation to see the assembly, programming, quality check, and shipping of the electronic voting machines. The CNE gave presentations on electoral law and how it’s changed since the 1999 constitution. Then the delegation visited several polling centers all over Venezuela.

The electoral process is completely transparent and accountable, far more than what we have in the US. Perhaps just as important, polling centers are more accessible than ever, often located right within everyone’s neighborhoods—there are over 34,000 polling centers for the over 20 million registered Venezuelan voters. Polling centers are overseen and audited by representatives of any and all of the political parties that are participating in the election.

Be prepared for the wave of anti-Venezuela and anti-Maduro propaganda that the US ruling class will push, and be prepared to bring your solidarity for the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela to the streets. US hands off Venezuela!

Updates at: Workers World Party – Baltimore

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