Maduro wins Venezuela election by landslide

By Andrew Mayton posted on May 23, 2018

With an overwhelming 68 percent of the votes cast, President Nicolás Maduro was re-elected president of Venezuela on May 20 for a six-year term, starting at the end of the year.

Despite Maduro’s clear and clean election, Venezuela and its Boliviarian government were immediately denounced by U.S. imperialism and its reactionary allies in Latin America and Europe. On the other side, the Cuban, Bolivian and Salvadoran governments congratulated Maduro, and the Chinese and Russian governments recognized Maduro’s victory and called for no intervention against his government.

Speaking from the balcony of the Miraflores Palace, Maduro said, “It has been a heroic, beautiful, popular victory forged in the struggle.”

“I’m the president of all the Venezuelans,” he added. “I call for a dialogue process. Permanent dialogue is what ­Venezuela needs.”

“The revolution is here to stay!” Maduro later told the crowd, promising to prioritize the country’s economy and socioeconomic development during his new term and fight off imperialism — the external forces that tried to derail the country’s election. (TeleSur, May 20)

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