Solidarity With UFCW Workers at Kroger in Virginia!


Rally for a #BetterKroger

We are Kroger employees from Norfolk, Virginia, and we need your help to save our jobs.

Many of us have spent years – even decades – working for Kroger. But now our jobs are at risk.

In March, Kroger announced plans to buy eight Farm Fresh stores in the Hampton Roads region, renovate them, and reopen them as Kroger stores. One of the locations Kroger purchased is directly across the street from the store where we work.

When we first heard the news, we were excited because we thought we would get to work at the new store when it opens. But Kroger won’t allow us to transfer to the new store across the street.

Kroger wants to give us two choices – transfer to another union store far away, or quit and reapply to work at the new store. Not only could we lose our jobs, we could lose our pay, seniority, healthcare coverage and retirement benefits as well.

We shouldn’t have to quit and reapply to keep working for the same company. We shouldn’t be forced to give up our benefits to keep our jobs.

Sign our petition to Kroger and tell them to treat their employees with respect.

Together, we can make Kroger better – a better place to work, a better place to shop, and a better grocery store for our community. #BetterKroger

Rally for a #BetterKroger

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