Milwaukee, July 5, 2018: Show Support for Vaun Mayes at Court Hearing

Hosted by Milwaukee National Lawyers Guild

Show Support for Vaun Mayes at Court Hearing

517 E Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Federal Courthouse, 3 P.M.  

Please see this notice & call from UBLAC Milwaukee to show up Thurs. BEFORE 3:30pm hearing. Getting a large community turnout for all of Vaun Mayes’s Court appearances will be very important, including on the Q of conditions for his release on bail (or not!). Note that even the charges say that he (& any others) decided NOT to proceed with any act of violence, and the charges rely heavily on his constitutionally protected FB postings critical of the Milw. police in that district in particular.

UPDATE on time:
Those of us that have worked with and been supported by Vaun L Mayes we are asking that you show up and support him Thursday afternoon. Please arrive by no later than 3 p.m. The hearing is Thursday, July 5th at 3:30 p.m. at the Federal Courthouse, 517 E. Wisconsin Avenue Courtroom 242 before Magistrate Judge William E Duffin. Please arrive PRIOR to p.m. Please know there will be security checks. Don’t show up if you know that you have stuff going on. We don’t want ANY problems. We are asking that folks do not talk to the media, there will be a designated person to speak with media. Peace family.


Show Support for Vaun Mayes at Court Hearing

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