Milwaukee, August 2, 2018: Prison Strike General Assembly

Prison Strike General Assembly

Milwaukee IWW

1015 N 10th Street, Milwaukee, 5:30 – 7:30 P.M. 

Prisoners across the country are planning a massive strike and
inside-prison protest from August 21- September 9 of this year. Outside solidarity is essential to protect the prison rebels and for this action to achieve its full potential.

We will be gathering over the course of the summer to build strong
support here in Milwaukee, home of the highest incarceration rates the the world, the greatest racial disparities in the US, and the main fuel for Wisconsin’s exceptionally torturous and terrible prison system.

Come to the General Assemblies to share ideas, gain resources, find fellow-thinkers and learn updates about the strike as it develops and unfolds.

The third GA will be August 2nd during a day of action for the #CLOSEmsdfCampaign. More details for that day will be coming soon. Future assemblies will be scheduled every week or so, until the strike.

Read national demands by prisoner leaders here:

Learn more recent history, context, and strategy for the strike here:

IWOC (a committee of the IWW) is only hosting this facebook event, the general assembly is a decentralized and totally horizontal space for people from any organization as well as unaffiliated people. We encourage people to engage in diverse forms of strike support through informal organization and affinity groups. Read more here:

Remember, this is an open and public event, no one is controlling,
limiting or vouching for everyone who attends. Practice good security:

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