KIDS ARE STILL IN CAGES! Sign Petition To Help Stop ICE Kidnappings, Raids & Deportations!

Don’t let Trump’s latest move fool you: Children are still being jailed, and they’re still being separated from their families–both at the border and at ICE detention facilities across the country. Demand the Trump Administration stop caging children and jailing their parents IMMEDIATELY — and reunite jailed children with their families. Families belong together, and free!


President Trump created a humanitarian crisis by separating thousands of children from their families and jailing them. But Trump’s Executive Order signed on June 20th is not the solution; it simply jails whole families indefinitely and does nothing to reunite families that have already been torn apart. Children belong with their families and in communities, not in cages or behind bars in even worse conditions.

The Trump administration is causing lifelong trauma to children — whether taken by Border Patrol, jailed alongside their parents after seeking safety, or snatched from their school by ICE. Their claims of compassion are false — this crisis is proof that this administration does not care about the wellbeing of children or families.  Families deserve to seek asylum without fear of jail or family separation.

Our demand is clear and not negotiable: Trump’s policies of caging children and jailing their parents must be stopped immediately — and families must be reunited!


Racine July 8 2018

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