We Demand Respect for Lula’s Rights as a Candidate in Brazil’s General Elections

September 3, 2018
On Friday, August 31, as part of the strategy followed by the Brazilian oligarchy under the auspices of the United States, the Brazilian Electoral Tribunal, mocking the Brazilian Constitution itself and the laws that protect its citizens, ruled to disqualify former President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva as a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections
Lula was imprisoned in April of this year, in a shameful and absurd process, typical of the type of Lawfare that now ravages Latin America. Without any evidence whatsoever he is being held prisoner with the clear objective of preventing the Workers’ Party from returning to power.
Lula is the candidate with the highest popularity rating and is now favored by 54 million Brazilians.
The false judicial process initiated against Lula has been denounced by the UN, human rights organizations, Nobel Prize winners, parliamentarians, religious, intellectuals, trade unionists, social movements, political parties, Pope Francis and the leaders of various countries who are all demanding his immediate release and respect for his rights as a citizen and as a candidate in Brazil’s presidential elections.
Those who proclaim themselves champions of democracy are trying to prevent the people from deciding at the polls who will guide Brazil’s destiny. Without Lula the elections in Brazil will be a fraud.
We demand that Lula’s rights as a candidate for the presidency be respected and that he be granted the constitutional guarantees of equal rights, as expressed in the appeal filed by his defense team before the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil.
We send all our solidarity to Lula and the Workers’ Party.
Lula Free! Lula Candidate! Lula President!
International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity, Argentine League for Human Rights; Martin Luther King Center of Havana; Alba Movements; National Movement of Friendship and Mutual Solidarity Venezuela-Cuba; Association of Arab-Latin American Solidarity.

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