Geopolitics Alert Editor Randi Nord at UNHRC: US Facilitates War Crimes in Yemen [VIDEO]

The first panel, sponsored by INSAN Organization, covered human rights violations and crimes against children in Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition. The panelists included Dr. Aiman al-Mansor, the organization’s director, Eike Fimann, Deputy of La Ruche Initiative in Germany, Abdulsalam Aldhahebi, a human rights activist with Insan Organization, and Randi Nord of Geopolitics Alert. Hassan Fartousi, Ph.D. moderated the discussion.

“Since its inception, the United States has tried to portray itself as a defender of human rights both at home and globally. But, for well over three years, the children of Yemen have had to experience first-hand the worst oppression the US has to offer.

The US declaration of independence reads that all humans everywhere have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” However, Washington’s very own involvement in Yemen eliminates these so-called inalienable rights for millions of Yemeni children — many of whom have never experienced a life without daily threats of airstrikes on their homes as well as ground violence, starvation, disease, and uncertain futures.

According to the Legal Center for Rights and Development, by the war’s twelve hundredth day, over 14 thousand civilians were killed by Coalition airstrikes. Of those civilian deaths, over 2 thousand were women while over 3 thousand were children. That’s without counting the thousands of injuries: children left disabled as well as mentally and physically scarred for life or orphaned.

The vast majority of these lives cut short are not from ground fighting but rather due to airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition. In fact, when we factor that the war began in March of 2015, that means six children are either killed or injured each day from airstrikes.

The United States plays a key role facilitating the Saudi-led coalition’s ability to carry out these airstrikes in several ways. In May of 2017, US President Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia’s King al-Saud inked a series of documents securing the KSA’s intent to purchase 110 billion USD worth of weapons including tanks, combat ships, missile defense systems, and so on.

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