Response to suicide at Columbia Correctional: Phone Zap Against Security Director 9/24/18

EXPO MKE encourages you to join WI Prison Voices in this action on Monday 9/24/18. On September 1st, 2018 a young man at Columbia Correctional Institute committed suicide while on suicide watch having already attempted suicide the week prior.

Our expectation is people in DOC custody are SAFE. 
Please help send the message that NEGLIGENCE is HOMICIDE & we aren’t going to stand for it, we stand WITH the residents of Columbia Correctional Institute.

Your Support is ONE phone call away.

To participate in the phone zap on Monday 9/24/18 against Columbia Correctional Institution, security director Lucas Weber call (608) 742-9100 extension 9145

Sample script:
“I am calling out of concern with abuses at Columbia Correctional Institution. I am horrified by the conditions that recently lead a prisoner at Columbia to commit suicide. Cries for help are being ignored. When you see an inmate with open wounds from cutting themselves, you need to give them mental health resources rather than putting them in solitary confinement. When will you make a change in prison policy?”

If you need more information on the background of Columbia Regulations campaign, read information we’ve gotten from prisoners here:

Wisconsin Prison Voices



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