Stand with airport workers on strike

IT’S WORKING. Amazon announced today that they are moving all employees to $15/hr – just days after 40,000 New York City airport workers won a $19/hr wage! This is thanks to the passion and advocacy of the Fight for $15 workers who’ve been speaking out, walking off the job, and marching for years.

But this movement isn’t decided by a single victory. The rigged economy is working against too many of us, and all workers – including those at Amazon and airports – won’t be safe until they have a union.

That’s why the Fight for $15 is ON STRIKE for Unions for All right now at airports around the world today – with additional strikes happening across the country over the coming days.Stand with airport workers on strike right now by sharing this image on Facebook.

This is just the beginning. Over the next several days, we’ll be rallying, protesting, and striking to ensure union rights and fair wages for every worker. It’s an all-out effort to mobilize the 64 million people making less than $15/hr to demand our bosses recognize our right to join a union and politicians stand with us to make it easier for us to do it.

Stand with our movement today – share now.

Corporations and politicians have rigged the system against working people – and to fight back, we need to do more than just organize. We need unions for all, and we’re not going to stop until we win.

Mya Hill
Fight for $15

Airport Workers United. Good Union Jobs Now!

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