Milwaukee, October 21, 2018: The Unafraid

The Unafraid | (1/3)

Oriental Theatre, 2230 N Farwell, Milwaukee, 9 P.M. – 10:20 P.M. 

NOTE: Screenings also October 23 and 30,

USA / 2018 / 85min / Director: Anayansi Prado and Heather Courtney



Follow the four-year odyssey of three young immigrants in Georgia in this powerful observational documentary portrait of what it means to grow up in the United States as an undocumented (but fully DACAmented) American. Disallowed from attending state universities or receiving financial aid by the state, Alejandro, Silvia, and Aldo nonetheless persevere in the face of the rising tide of ignorance and hatred, embracing activism and fighting for their families and communities, all the while pursuing their right to a higher education.

Sigue la odisea de cuatro años de tres jóvenes inmigrantes en Georgia en este impactante documental observacional que relata lo que significa crecer en los Estados Unidos como indocumentado (con DACA) Americano. Sin ser permitidos de atender cualquier universidad estatal o recibir ayuda financiera por parte del estado, Alejandro, Silvia, y Aldo perseveran, mientras la ola de ignorancia y odio crece, acogen el activismo y luchan por sus familias, todo esto mientras continúan persiguiendo su derecho de asistir a la Universidad.

This film is part of the Cine Sin Fronteras MKE program of the 10th annual Milwaukee Film Festival.

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