October 8, 2018: Postal Worker Rallies Across Wisconsin and the U.S., No to Privatization! Union YES


The Trump administration has taken aim at the U.S. Postal Service, proposing changes that threaten to destroy the important role our public postal system plays for all Americans.

The National Association of Letter Carriers, the American Postal Workers Union, the National Rural Letter Carriers Association, and the National Postal Mailhandlers Associationare combining for a rally to educate the public about the administration’s desire to privatize the USPS. All union members and concerned citizens are invited to stand in solidarity.

There will be a rally in every Congressional District in Wisconsin on October 8. Join us and stand up for a strong postal service.

Rally locations October 8 Indigenous Peoples Day 

CD 1 Janesville (Rep. Ryan) 20 S. Main St. 11am-1pm

CD 2 Madison (Rep. Pocan*) 3902 Milwaukee Street noon-4

CD 3 Eau Claire (Rep. Kind*) 131 S. Barstow 4-6 pm (also crosses over into CD 7)

CD 4 Milwaukee (Rep. Moore*) 316 N. Milwaukee St 11am-2pm

CD 5 Brookfield (Rep. Sensenbrenner) Bishop’s Way and Bluemound Rd 11am-2pm

CD 6 Fond du lac (Rep. Grothman*) 24 West Pioneer Rd 11am – 1pm

CD 7 Superior (Rep. Duffy) Webster Park Corner of N 58th St and Tower Ave Noon-2

CD 8 Green Bay (Rep. Gallagher) 1915 S. Webster Allouez, WI 11am- 2pm

* means this Member of Congress is a co-sponsor of H Res 993 opposing privatization

Privatizing USPS would harm:

  • Businesses, especially millions of small- and medium-sized businesses that send and receive products, invoices, payments and advertisements through the mail.
  • Consumers, who increasingly rely on e-commerce to satisfy their essential needs, such as prescription drugs, weekly newspapers and magazines, and other mail order and online purchases. Those in rural and lower-income urban areas, would face soaring delivery costs on these items.
  • Jobs and the economy. USPS is the centerpiece of the $1.3 trillion national mailing industry, which employs 7 million Americans in the private sector, many of them in your state. Postal jobs would be at stake, including the 1 in 4 employee who is a military veteran.
  • The U.S. election system. A public USPS is vital to the nation’s election system, with tens of millions of people voting through absentee ballots or vote-by-mail elections. Privatization is not the answer

Privatization in Europe has resulted in higher prices, lower service quality, less frequent mail delivery and extensive post office closures—all in order to milk greater profits for private shareholders. U.S. postage rates are the most affordable in the industrialized world—costing less than half the rates charged by privatized postal operators in Germany, Italy and Japan.

The U.S. Postal Service provides high-quality service, six—and often seven—days a week, at no cost to American taxpayers. Privatization is not inevitable or necessary.

Rally Handout

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