The “Housing Question” in Detroit and throughout the United States

Reflections on Five Decades Since the Passage of the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Moratorium NOW! Coalition committed to the realization of housing for all

Global Research, October 07, 2018

Alliance Building and Independent Self-Organization

Finally we are committed to building alliances around these important issues. We are willing to work with all honest forces in the struggle for genuine democracy, self-determination and full equality. 

Moreover, the Moratorium NOW! Coalition believes in self-reliance and independent organizational initiatives. We know that the ruling class and their agents are not going to finance our liberation struggle. Hence we have been far more successful in reaching our objectives than those who cannot conduct political work outside the framework of the parameters laid down by the ruling class and its surrogates in government.

Ultimately we want to transform society as a whole to reflect the interests of the majority of working and oppressive people. There must be guarantees related to housing, water rights, environmental justice, education and the right to organize.

Only under these conditions can there be the realization of a just existence for African Americans, people of color and the working class as a whole.

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