Madison, November 26, 2018: Invest In Youth of Color, Divest From the Police!

Hosted by Freedom Youth Squad and Freedom Inc

545 W Dayton Street, Madison, 5:45 – 9 P.M. 

The Board of Education plays such a critical role in how our Madison Metropolitan School District functions. Currently, our district is investing hundreds and thousands of money into the police instead of the wellbeing, creativity and leadership development of students.

Join the Freedom Youth Squad, parents, family members and community people on Monday, November 26, 2018 at the Doyle Building at 6pm to tell the school board members to invest in youth of color instead of the police.

We need to make sure our schools are a caring, loving and healthy atmosphere for Black and Brown people. That is why the Freedom Youth Squad and the Safe School Coalition is demanding:

1) The complete removal of police from schools
2) The investment of resources in education that promotes leadership, wellness, learning and creativity for youth of color
3) The control of school safety be given to the community. Students, families and community need real decision making power in our schools. Build transformative justice models instead of punishing youth.

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