US-Saudi Coalition Launches Direct Attack on Hodeidah but Yemenis Resist Advances

Throughout the past three and a half years, the United States and other Western countries have provided the international coalition against Yemen with weapons, fuel, and ground troops. The United States also provides logistical and intelligence support for selecting airstrike targets.

Saudi coalition airstrikes routinely target civilians, vital infrastructure, and densely populated areas such as markets, homes, water treatment facilities, factories, buses, hospitals, funerals, weddings, and more. According to a recent report from a United Nations independent group of experts, the coalition’s use of precision-guided missiles combined with their “double-tap” attacks indicate that the attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure are entirely intentional.

At this point, it doesn’t seem like the US-backed Saudi and Emirati coalition will be able to pry Hodeidah port from Yemeni control before the planned ceasefire and peace talks in December.

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